Welcome to the Lesbian Counselling Centre Berlin!

Who are we and for whom are we there?


We are Lesbenberatung Berlin. Our organisation has continuously grown since its beginning. We and our clients* are not only white cis lesbians. Over the years we have become a place of and for trans* and cis women, trans* men, all gender-queer, non-binary, trans and inter persons who in addition to being lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, queers and more, as well as Black, indigenous, People of Color, migrants, refugees or white.

We have different projects that make up Lesbenberatung. Some of them are also open for all genders and therefore also for cis men.

We believe that the gender and pronouns of a person cannot be „recognized“ by their appearance, voice, other external characteristics or their name. We have people of different genders working for us, who use no or different pronouns and different self-definitions. Please respect this.

All those who feel addressed by our position are more than welcome by us!


The "Lesbenberatung" is not just a centre for counselling and communication, it is much more than that. We offer counselling to lesbian and bi-sexual women of all ages, transgender people and all women in crisis or conflict situations irrespective of age, nationality or cultural background. We pursue an open house policy and no one that comes to us with an enquiry is left out in the cold, which can be taken literally, as we now also have barrier-free access and facilities.
In addition to counselling, and both individual and relationship therapy, there are also a number of other good reasons to come up and visit us: simply to chat and get to know other lesbians and trans people, to find support in a crisis situation or to borrow one of the many excellent novels from our free library, to name just a few. 

Our social education workers and psychologists are continuously adding to their skills by gaining additional qualifications, and we are able to provide counselling in a variety of languages (German, English, Persian, Kurmancî, and Turkish).
Possible topics are, among others: relationship problems, experience of violence and discrimination (e.g. on the grounds of age, lesbian life-style, disability, cultural origins), coming out, self-destructive behaviour, multiple discrimination, the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), addiction, violence in the relationship, the desire for children, sexuality, age, HIV/Aids, trans identity, racism and social exclusion, depression, angst, therapy or help in finding a therapist, information for those new to the scene and Berlin visitors, and much more besides – whatever your topic, it is welcome.

The first therapy session is always free of charge and serves to discuss the topics you would like to deal with and the possible course of therapy that we can offer. Our approach to counselling work is based on the principles of respect and discretion at all times.
Other aspects of our work include ambulatory addiction aftercare and social casework. The ambulatory addiction aftercare is the continuation of in-patient addiction withdrawal; we also able to offer this in English.
Social casework could serve to help someone re-enter society and tackle everyday life again following psychic of physical impairment.
We not only help you with the necessary paper work, but also to find a suitable assistant for your needs. 
Apart from providing advice on issues associated with the AGG, the Lesbenberatung also aims to collect and document incidences of discrimination. Documentation is a first step towards formulating and presenting political demands with the aim of achieving long-term change. Incidences of discrimination can be reported either personally or by phone.

We offer personal counselling and counselling by telephone and mail. You can click on Emailberatung to send us an email.

But, not only are we a centre for counselling and psychosocial support, we are also a place to communicate, meet and interact. We initiate self-help groups on a number of different themes.
Our monthly programme includes discussions, readings, lectures and table football evenings.

Our current programme of events can be found on the German version of our Homepage, on Facebook and in our brochure of activities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any further questions.

Young lesbian and bisexual women, and trans people between the ages of 14 and 23 are welcome to join in the Young and Queer meetings.
LesMigraS is for lesbians and trans people with migrational backgrounds. LesMigraS stands for Lesbische Migrantinnen und Schwarze Lesben (lesbian immigrants and black lesbians) and offers counselling, a culturally mixed team and a monthly intercultural activity.